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Arc Flash Studies

What is Arc Flash?
An arc flash is a release of energy caused by an electric arc. The flash causes an explosive expansion of air and metal. The blast produces:

  • A dangerous pressure wave
  • A dangerous sound wave
  • Shrapnel
  • Extreme heat
  • Extremely bright light

These dangers can result in blast injuries, lung injuries, ruptured eardrums, shrapnel wounds, severe burns, blindness, and carries a very real potential of causing death. Statistics gathered by the Ontario Ministry of Labour show that arc flash injuries represent a large percentage of the electrical injuries that occur in Ontario Workplaces. The nature of an electrical worker’s job can put the worker close to energized electrical equipment, and as a result, electricians can be exposed to an arc flash during the course of a normal work day.

Who provides Arc Flash Services?

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Tasks with potential for arc flash

  • Operating a switch or circuit breaker
  • Inserting or removing a circuit breaker
  • Opening an enclosure door
  • Removing a cover (bolted or hinged)
  • Testing for voltage


How can I protect workers in my facility?
The CSA Standard for Workplace Electrical Safety (CSA Z462‐08) should be followed to ensure worker safety.

  • Only utilize qualified personnel
  • Complete an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and label hazardous components
  • Ensure PPE requirements are met


Arc Flash Studies

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