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Green Power and Solar

With the ever-increasing demand for power conservation and green alternatives becoming more popular, Smith and Long has become a leader in initiatives that can both reduce your company’s carbon footprint as well as offer fast and high returns on your investment.

Lighting retrofits, power factor correction and proactive electrical services are three ways that we can help you make an immediate impact with fast project payoff. Lighting technology is advancing constantly, becoming less costly and more efficient all the time. Smith and Long can help you estimate, design and implement a retrofit on any scale, from single-floor projects to national rollouts.

By performing power-factor studies, you can determine how efficiently your facilities are using the power that is delivered by the utility. Large, inefficient motors and aging equipment can draw more power than should be required and result in a poor power-factor rating, which in turn can result in being charged for unused/wasted power and penalties from the hydro supplier. These issues can be solved by performing a coordinated study of the system, determining problem-components, and then installing power-factor correction capacitor banks to regulate the system. Proactive Electrical Service (including infrared scanning, ultrasonic testing and resistance testing) can help you determine what power is lost due to poor connections, overloaded circuits and similar. It can also save you money by catching potential problems before a component fails and causes an unexpected power outage.

Smith and Long has also been a leader in solar power, installing some of the first commercial projects for companies like TD Bank and the York Region School Board. We are able to take on a solar project of any size.




Green Power and Solar

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