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Power Generation and Critical Systems

With over 80 years of experience dealing with the electrical needs of data centers, schools, hospitals, 50+ storey office towers, and retirement homes, Smith and Long understands the importance of providing critical systems with power under any circumstances. Our Critical Generation and Power Department is responsible for all generator and UPS installations, design/build and integration for any and all power demands.

We have extensive experience installing and maintaining generators of all sizes, from portable 10kW for small businesses to 3000+kW for large industrial sites, and all sizes and types in-between. When your job is to maintain power for critical systems like communications in a data centre or critical patient care in a hospital setting, you simply cannot afford to go down. It’s not an easy task determining the size of emergency generator or proper auto-transfer switch scheme and fail-safes/redundancies that will be required for your facility, but Smith and Long can take care of any design, build, commissioning and maintenance to give you peace of mind.

We can also install and maintain your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) as part of a critical power system. We give you the option to rent or to purchase, but we can take care of the installation and maintenance either way. Like generators, the idea is simple – in this case it’s a portable power supply to run critical systems – but determining the right size and correct application requires a lot of training and experience. We have both of these in spades, and can respond quickly in a pinch, making sure you don’t experience unwanted downtime.

Additionally, our 24-Hour Emergency Service and access to temporary power sources ensure that in the event of a failure we are able restore power promptly, with minimal notice.



Power Generation and Critical Systems

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