About Smith and Long

Smith and Long is the fastest growing, large scale, multi-trade company in the Canadian Market with over 90 years of experience in the industry. Uniquely positioned in the traditional fields of Electrical, Mechanical, and Engineering and boasting an internal culture much like a start-up company, Smith and Long has a lot to be proud of.

Smith and Long’s approach to business revolves around being an accessible, people-oriented company, focused on the technical and service needs of its clients; consistently remaining within budget and on schedule. Coupled with our strict pricing policies designed to save client costs, and provide thorough cost control procedures throughout each individual project, we deliver the best value in quality projects.

Smith and Long’s ideology is that of RESPONSE™. Our technical staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our RESPONSE™ time to emergency calls is typically less than one hour. Equally important, are the excellent relationships that have been built with our suppliers, allowing us to offer 24-hour access to parts and materials.

Since our inception in 1930, Smith and Long has established a reputation as an approachable and reliable company – an organization with integrity that performs work of exceptional quality. We invite you to contact us to fulfill your contracting needs… and join us in a commitment to service excellence.


Smith and Long is a Canadian company with a strong commitment to success. Smith and Long’s most central contribution to achieving this have always been the same, attract the best people and “build a company where no one wants to leave” as our president Robert Riopelle put it. This is greatly represented by the fact that 35 percent of our management has been with the firm for 20 years or more. These permanent staff are assigned to each project and client, ensuring that the same technical experts and project managers will be available on-site whenever needed.

The internal culture here at Smith and Long is unique and special to those that work here. For a company in such a traditional industry, the company runs much like a software start-up company, fast-paced and big thinking… with an added twist, family. From the daily chorus of “good morning’s” to the collaboration and thought invested into each other in both the realms of work and home lives; loyalty, kindness, and relationships are all prominent pillars of the companies successes. If you think this could be the place for you please check out our Careers page.