“I should have made the move years earlier!”

– John M., Who has now been with Smith & Long 5 years.-

Smith & Long is the best place to work because of who we are and what we do:

  • Gear
    We constantly outfit our people with the coolest Smith & Long gear we can get our hands on.

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    Do your children play on a sports team? We sponsor all of our employee’s kids sports teams! Are your children all grown up and going to college or university? We have a scholarship program for them! And we celebrate the holidays of every nation!
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    Open Doors
    From the field to the office, doors are always open and information and relationships flow easily.
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    Technical Expertise
    We’re not your dads contracting company. We attract and integrate people with different skills, everything from high-performance field services, software to business entrepreneur’s, making for stimulating work and meaningful relationships.
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    For a company in such a traditional industry, the company runs much like a start-up company, fast-paced and big thinking… with an added twist, we’re family! With this at Smith & Longs core we have become the fastest growing technical service company in Canada!

  • Gear
    From the second you walk through our doors, you realize we’re not a traditional construction company, but something entirely more exciting.. and fun!

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    Whether its our family style potlucks during the big holidays or our annual company events, we are a social and close-knit company. Our company BBQ is not just at the head office, but we move it around to all the sites so everyone can attend. And we have many company sponsored sports teams for you to take part in!
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    We have one principle. RESPONSE! We all work towards providing something special to our clients; quality projects completed on time and within budget, and all supported by our unmatched RESPONSE within the industry. Its all about the customers. If you love service and making people happy, this is the place for you!
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    Our leadership team has extensive experience and comes from diverse backgrounds. They have vision and the tools to attain it. Ultimately, we have a great team steering our company towards success, with our employees always being number one… for we cant be successful without that!
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    Whether its having our companies logo on your kids jersey, the amount that everyone wears their Roots company hoodies or just the care taken in making sure the company logo is clean and apparent in the office and on the jobsite, it shows everywhere.
  • Technology
    We don’t use technology just to say we do, nor when its just to managements benefit but we use it to make our peoples jobs simpler. If it doesn’t make things easier and have buy-in from everyone, we don’t use it.

Smith and Long is uniquely positioned in the traditional fields of Electrical, Mechanical, and Engineering and is the fastest growing, large scale, multi-trade company in the Canadian Market; and all the while boasts an internal culture much like that of a start-up company.

Smith and Long’s most central contribution to achieving its success is simple and has been the same since its inception in 1930, attract the best people. And as our President, Robert Riopelle has put it, “my goal is to continue to grow a company of people that never want to leave”. This is greatly evident by the fact that 35 percent of our management has been with the firm for over 20 years. Between the great attention payed to those who are brought into the organization and the knowledge and experience that is shared by those who have been with the company for a long time there is a great balance between new and traditional thinking, providing a rewarding and effective place to learn and provide value to both customers and team members alike.

The internal culture here at Smith and Long is unique and special to those that work here. For a company in such a traditional industry, the company runs much like a start-up company, fast-paced and big thinking… with an added twist, family. From the daily chorus of “good morning’s” to the collaboration and thought invested into each other in both the realms of work and home; loyalty, kindness, and relationships are all prominent pillars of the company’s successes. If you think this could be the place for you, please come and join us for a coffee and let us introduce us to you and



Who we are looking for is primarily summed up in the two “A”s; people with the right Attitude and Aptitude. You might be at a point in your career that you know you have a lot to contribute due to your own solid experience to date, but for any number of reasons you are currently not able to fully utilize your skills and expertise.

Or, perhaps your personal strength is not from past experience in the fields of electrical, communications or HVACR as you are just starting your working career, but your potential contribution is that you have a strong passion to learn and to be a team player.

Or, you might be at the point in your career that you are looking to make a complete change in direction and your significant contribution is your maturity and experience in the marketplace at large.

We are regularly looking for the right people to continue to complement our various teams by fulfilling important roles such as:


What are you looking for career-wise? Let’s do a quick contrast and compare checklist of employment and employer attributes to see if Smith & Long might be an excellent destination for you.

Does this brief listing resonate with any of your personal requirements that you are looking for in a landing place for your career?

Smith & Long Limited:

  • Progressive, growing, well respected electrical, communications and HVACR company
  • People matter in a collaborative team atmosphere
  • Exemplary Health & Safety Programs
  • Well established (1930!) and yet always evolving technically
  • Best practices in the industry
  • Financially sound
  • Exposure to a wide variety of project types and markets
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Personal growth potential amidst an energized culture
  • Excellent staff training and mentoring throughout all levels of leadership
  • Integrity driven principles
  • Post-secondary family scholarship program
  • Sports teams’ sponsorship program

Does this brief listing resonate with any of your personal requirements that you are not looking for in a landing place for your career?

Some Other Employers:

  • Lack of personal respect
  • Lack of a voice
  • Old school “Command & Control” atmosphere
  • Employees are treated like commodities
  • Stated company values not practiced in reality
  • Little opportunity for personal career growth
  • High turnover in personnel
  • Micromanaging leadership

As a company that was established way back in 1930 and is going stronger than ever in this present day, one can only imagine that Smith & Long must have a significant and richly diverse history. This is true in the facilities and lives that we have positively affected through our projects and working relationships, both within all levels of our staff and with our clients…the very people who make paydays possible!

Are you looking for an electrical, communications and HVACR company that will help set you up to succeed personally, give you the ability to execute with excellence daily, allow you to enjoy the spirit and passion of RESPONSE for repeat customers and new customers alike?

  • Entry level apprenticeships
  • Journeypersons
  • Foremen
  • Project Managers
  • Field Technicians
  • Junior & Senior Engineers
  • Junior & Senior Estimators
  • Clerical & Administration
  • Account Managers


Where can a career at Smith & Long take you? Have a look through this website and view the wide range of markets that we passionately serve on a daily basis. Your role could be held within one or in some cases a number of Smith & Long’s business sectors that could include Electrical, Communications, Technical Services, HVAC and Refrigeration services for our clients that require:

  • Construction
  • Tennant Fit Ups
  • Technical Services
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • 24/7 Service
  • Tunnelling
  • Automation & Control

We have a very strong and respected presence in all three facets of the ICI marketplace: Industrial, Commercial & Institutional.

Within those facets we serve an almost endless list of valued clients such as:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Broadcast
  • Cold Storage
  • Communication
  • Datacentres
  • Financial Institutions
  • Food & Beverage
  • Governmental
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Judicial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Legal
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Mass Public Transit
  • Medical
  • Non-Profits
  • Penitentiaries
  • Production & Manufacturing Facilities including Automotive, Metal Stamping, Food, Cosmetics, District Energy, Electronics and Electrical Equipment to name a few.
  • Property Managers
  • Retail
  • Sports & Entertainment Venues
  • Utilities including Electrical, Water, Communications, Natural Gas


Or is it more about, “Why Not?”

Let’s start with a quote from our President, Rob Riopelle P.Eng.: “My goal is to continue to grow a company of people that never want to leave.” Once on staff at Smith & Long, for most it’s very plain to see the “never want to leave” part of that statement is certainly not meant to be like that favourite resort you once visited; but it is all about being challenged in your craft, being exposed to a wide variety of project types, clients, technologies…and if you are up for it.

Another Smith & Long staff member was quoted from a mentoring moment with their adult child who was currently in a toxic work environment: “Life is too short. And so because of that, most days it has to be more about: “I get to go to work today vs. I have to go to work today”. Sure there will be those days when you’re not feeling well or because of a particular situation at work with a client, co-worker, etc., it will sometimes feel more like I have to go to work, but those days have to be the exception more than the rule. Otherwise, you have two choices: a) Change your attitude, or b) Change your job!”

And that is precisely why we encourage considering Smith & Long…so that you too can say: “I GET to go to work today!”

And remember, Smith & Long Ltd. is and has always been a Canadian based company, 100% owned by Canadians. As such, we are fully committed to contributing to our local, provincial and national economies.


If this brief overview has caught your attention and you believe you could be a strong contributor to our teams, then we would like to have you in for a coffee!

Please send your resume in confidence complete with a cover letter explaining how you believe you could contribute at Smith & Long to:


“My goal is to continue to grow a company of people that never want to leave”

Robert Riopelle:
President and Owner of Smith & Long Limited

“Joining Smith & Long dramatically improved our position in the market and with the additional resources that Smith & Long has offered we have been better able to service our customers and provide a better value proposition”

Rod Cavanagh
Owner of Cavanagh Electric, acquired in 2016

“Although I am new to the company, the rate of learning, immediate responsibility and support has been incredible”

Zander T.
New hire and new Graduate

“I was with Standard Electric for my whole 26-year electrical career when I made the move to Smith and Long. To say I was a bit nervous and anxious was an understatement. But the people in the field and in the office, as well as the variety of electrical work available to me when I came to this company has made the transition an easy one. I probably should have made the move years earlier!”

John M.
Electrician who transitioned to Smith & Long from another electrical contractor

“The welcoming I received and the ongoing support and encouragement from all the staff made my transition gratifying and provided me the tools to learn and add value much quicker than I had thought”

Rosemary C.
Office Manager, previously with Cavanagh Electric, Acquired in 2016

“Smith & Long has solid traditional values combined with an exciting entrepreneurial spirit. In my 35+ years in the industry, I’m so pleased to have found such a great place to finish my career”

Dave G.
VP of Business Initiatives

“Unlike a lot of other companies, Smith & Long has been able to provide me stable employment, with a diversified offering of work opportunities”

Greg R.
Electrician with Smith & Long for over 40 years