There are many reasons why a company elects to move in its entirety, multiple divisions, or even a single department:

  • Expansion

  • Consolidation

  • Modernization

  • End of lease

  • New facility opportunity

  • Geography

Whatever the reason, the same fundamental question always remains:

“How can you take an active operating entity involving numerous employees, equipment, systems, day-to-day operations, client expectations into anther facility and still obtain a headache free, seamless move?”

  • Pick a professional highly collaborative team
  • Make The Plan with the team
  • Communicate The Plan with all stakeholders and recommunicate often
  • Execute The Plan
  • When needed adjust The Plan

Why choose Smith & Long for your next facility move or office relocation project?

  • We think like a customer
  • We are a collaborative team player
  • We know it’s all about the details
  • We are excellent communicators
  • We have the Expertise & Experience

Regardless of whether your business is in the industrial, commercial or institutional sector and you are moving to another floor, to a building across the street or somewhere across the country, we have the experience and expertise to provide that headache-free move.

You can fully rely on Smith & Long for all aspects of your relocation project needs from an Electrical, Communications and HVACR perspective including their integral and associated systems.

We can also contribute in the criticality of right decision making involving stranding assets vs. the potential cost benefit of relocating and integrating existing assets into your new space. This activity requires tremendous analysis, review, and collaboration. Another vital step is the planning and coordinating of the appropriate equipment rough-in requirements. This is key in order to ensure minimized equipment downtime and resultant cost through a well organized, successful and timely recommissioning process of relocated equipment in conjunction with commissioning any new equipment and their interrelated components.

Communicate The Plan, Execute The Plan.

Let us be a strong member of your project team and observe firsthand the difference a seasoned, enthusiastic and professional team member can make to the mandated outcomes as detailed in The Plan. Your Plan.

We live in a world of “drop-dead dates” and understand and care to see your move commence, progress and complete on time and on budget. And yes, we will admit there is a small amount of endgame motive for us as well. For we do not want to help you with this move as a “one-off performance”, but we want you to be so impressed with our personal responsive service throughout your entire move, that you will absolutely view Smith & Long as your ongoing service, maintenance, and installation partner contractor for many years to come!