Whether working with empty base building infrastructure as a first tenant, or space that has been stripped back to its base building conditions or perhaps existing occupied space that now needs significant alterations to accommodate new requirements, Smith & Long has the expertise.

We work with a large variety of building owners, property managers, tenants, construction management firms, interior designers, engineers, architects and general contractors always ensuring our scope is completed on time and on budget in collaboration with all related stakeholders.

One of the many key mandates working within this environment is designing the ever-crucial project schedule. There are many reasons for this, and it always circles back to the need for as much continuity of operations as possible. Our internal mandate as a team is to execute our project scope in such a way that it takes a headache out of the process. We fully recognize that the people that are generally inconvenienced the most, are the end-client, the tenant, and that is NOT how it should be! We recognize and respect that they have “their day jobs” and that being exposed to the day to day interruptions that occur and to expect them to come up with the time and resources necessary for a move or significant renovation is often an unfair expectation.

Our mindset is to put ourselves in the client’s shoes to gain the necessary perspective to make the transition as smooth as possible. We carefully anticipate future potential challenges to the move-in process and also examine the clients’ viewpoint to ensure they thrive as a business for the foreseeable future!

Since Smith & Long work in these types of projects every day and have done so for many years, we understand.

Why choose Smith & Long for Tenant Improvement Projects? We understand the responsibility of working in “someone’s home”, and respect the privilege and responsibility accordingly.

We understand all too well that the necessary work will involve noise, dust, garbage, materials, equipment, and the presence of ours, although very kind, but of course unfamiliar workers. These potentially disturbing and disrupting consequences of our work will always be monitored and mitigated to make the process as pleasant as possible for our client and or other tenants in the building.   Added to that list are associated project logistics such as access, egress, elevator use, power shutdowns, service cutovers, property manager and building owner’s rules and regulations, security, fire protection, and the overall absolute adherence to all relevant Health & Safety Programs.

Health & Safety is paramount at Smith and Long for it is through a total respect and promotion of a comprehensive safety culture that we ensure for our part that all staff, clients, and associated parties are never put at risk In these types of projects we are often interacting with the public in a construction environment that they are not as familiar with and as such, no assumptions can be made. As we work to mitigate the potential safety risks, we recognize that we have a special responsibility to educate those affected and take it very seriously.




At Smith & Long, we know it, we get it.