Critical Facility Services


Why choose Smith and Long for Critical Facility Services? Technical expertise, broad-based experience, and RESPONSE™.

The Smith & Long Critical Facility Services Division is your best choice as a partner for so many reasons: Safety. Experience. RESPONSE. Expertise. Professionalism. Technology. Collaboration. Team Player. Reputation.

One attribute of the word “Critical” is defined as “pertaining to or of the nature of a crisis”. When in the context of Critical Facilities, whether it houses a datacentre or any mission-critical infrastructure, the crisis can very quickly translate to: Business On Hold. This condition is totally unacceptable regardless of the type of business, and its effects can include: what specific business sector or sectors the facility is supporting including the potential of:

  • Stalled Corporate operations
  • Payroll suspension
  • Records not accessible
  • Online retail access offline
  • Communications centres silenced
  • Online reference documentation blanked
  • Or the main potential “pain point” for your business operations

Every day Smith & Long’s Critical Facility Services Team are on the job on behalf of a wide range of clients in the datacentre and mission-critical infrastructure marketplace. This is accomplished through the installation, maintenance and testing services for the associated critical facility equipment such as:

  • Generators – Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane & Emergency Temporary Rentals
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) – Solid State, Electromechanical and the respective operational and design configuration types of each
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) – Online, Standby, Rotary and the respective operational and design configuration types of each
  • Main Incoming Service – Inclusive of incoming HV utility feeders, substations, etc.
  • Distribution Switchgear – In any one of a wide variety of lineups and redundancy schemes
  • Base Building Electrical Infrastructure – Branch electrical systems including lighting, alarms, controls, receptacles, etc.
  • Communications Infrastructure – Inclusive of Copper / Fibre / AV Requirements
  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration (HVACR) – Supporting virtually all types of systems and designs
  • Fire Alarm & Suppression – Systems, devices, inspections for all manufacturers and technologies

Communication is the key. The start to any good relationship is communication. Along with our well-entrenched company mantra, RESPONSE, it all starts with the communication of a need. When it comes to a service offering or project delivery within our Critical Facility Services Group, thoughtful, personal and timely communication is foundational to their success…and this team has become well known for it!

Once a contract has been secured, we enthusiastically participate in the project kick-off meeting that will help set the stage and provide clarity to all trades and the various stakeholders. We keep a keen focus on project scheduling milestones as they are imperative to be clearly conveyed to all parties and complement this with a culture of collaborative spirit which Smith & Long brings to our client’s facilities every day.

Meeting and hopefully exceeding client expectations is our daily mission throughout the entire Smith & Long Team which once again starts with effective communication of those expectations…and our honest participation within those discussions. “Telling the customer what he wants to hear” regardless of the truth is not the way to build a business with integrity, nor is it a successful formula for the likelihood of being invited back to future project opportunities…and we do want to be invited back!

We Love Referrals – Both new and long-term clients are equally important to Smith & Long. In that vein, we never cease to be amazed that almost without exception all-new Critical Facilities clients come from referrals. How great is that?

Referrals are always highly valued:

  • Not only because they can potentially facilitate further growth.
  • Not only because it potentially gives us yet another excellent opportunity to meet, collaborate and develop more solid working relationships.
  • But referrals also reinforce the fact we are on the right track by being noticed for our RESPONSE in the Critical Facilities and Mission Critical Marketplace.

Feedback regarding why we are given referrals so frequently in the Critical Facility Services space is described in terms such as:

“Great One-Stop-Shop for all trades and expertise”

“Best Datacentre Facilities Management Services”

“Personal knowledgeable service”

“They do the right thing”

“Always a positive whatever it takes approach”

“Highly valued pride in workmanship”