Critical Facility Services



The key complementing component of the “Generator Solution”: The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). The Smith & Long Critical Systems Team understands the criticality of the operational integration between the generator and the ATS. Without this “partnership” working in harmony the emergency backup system is without purpose

The basic function of the ATS is to provide a method of connecting a specific building load or the entire building electrical distribution system to the best available power source at the time, be it utility power as sourced from the LDC (Local Distribution Company), or, an on-premises generator. The critical ability for an ATS to provide this function safely, reliably, quickly…is paramount. And not unlike its associated generator, when an ATS does not operate correctly, all too often you are finding out as per Murphy’s Law…it fails at the worst possible time!

The Smith & Long Critical Systems Team are very familiar with virtually all types and manufacturers of ATS be it Solid State, Electromechanical and the respective operational and design configurations of each along with their various switching schemes and mechanical service bypass arrangements. To ensure your ATS is ready to perform as expected, regular and thorough inspection, maintenance and testing must be meticulously performed and documented. If an unfortunate failure does occur for any reason, contact us and we will respond immediately to get you up and going as soon as possible. This may mean putting a temporary solution in place until new replacement parts become available and then a pre-scheduled second service arrangement can be made. Whatever it takes, the Smith & Long Critical Systems Team will be there for you every step of the way.

Existing Electrical Distribution & ATS Integration Challenges – Whenever a client requires the retrofit installation of an ATS into existing electrical distribution switchgear either as an entire facility load or a major portion of it, a considerable amount of professional expertise and creativity must be in play if the project is to be considered a success.

The reasons for this are many:

  • Safety during project execution
  • Footprint constraints
  • Switchgear alteration requirements
  • Legacy distribution switchgear challenges
  • Local electrical inspection authority compliance
  • Facility downtime

The Smith & Long Critical Systems Team truly thrive in this arena and are well-recognized for being the go-to technical services contractor for just such a retrofit integration project. And it all starts and ends with a plan. A carefully and methodically planned MOP (Method of Procedure) that includes all related stakeholders for a professionally executed, safe, no surprises retrofit integration project. Our project experience in this field gives our clients much-needed confidence that when we schedule the many roles, responsibilities and timing sequence for each task and event…including the extremely important project completion time when their facility will be re-energized…they know they can depend on our team to perform.

Time for a new or replacement upgrade ATS?

Realizing you may have systems reliability exposure from not properly maintaining your existing ATS assets?

Looking for a quality Critical Facility Services contractor for day-to-day ATS service and emergency RESPONSE™?

We are at your service. From systems design through project completion, ongoing service and meaningful maintenance programs, the Smith & Long Critical Systems Team are here for you.