Critical Facility Services



Datacentre & Mission Critical Facilities Management Programs – Many of Smith & Long’s clients have come to rely upon our exceptional ability to be that “One Stop Shop” for their vital ongoing requirements and dynamic needs to ensure 100% uptime is facilitated through our Datacentre & Mission Critical Facilities Management Programs. This vital comprehensive service provides our clients with the assurance that they will be well looked after through our team’s professionalism, experience, expertise, responsiveness and timely communication…all provided in association with exemplary documentation and detailed service reports.

Whenever services are required by the client that cannot be provided from within our own in-house resources (which is rarely), we look to our strong long-term best-in-class partners. Their complementary and essential added expertise working under our direction and control in a collaborative team approach helps to facilitate an inclusive, seamless execution with excellence every time.

And when we say “inclusive”, and “One Stop Shop”, we mean it beyond the traditionally considered technical service offerings…

Roofing repairs required? Not a problem.

Landscaping requirements? We can take care of that too.

Snowplowing services? Yes, absolutely.

Let us custom design a Smith & Long Critical Facilities Management Program package for your firm that will be complete with our recommendations for an annualized schedule of detailed service and maintenance offerings.

New Builds, Expansions & Upgrades – Let the Smith & Long Critical Facility Services Team fully support your organization in your next project with services such as:

  • A brand-new build of a Datacentre or any type of a Mission Critical Facility
  • Replacement of legacy equipment whereby parts availability has become an ever-increasing challenge thereby exceeding your acceptable risk profile
  • Capacity challenges that drive the need for expansion of existing facilities
  • Ever-elevating energy costs that have produced a convincing and prudent business case to gain efficiencies through newer technologies of HVACR, lighting, controls, etc.
  • Redesign and reconfiguration into a higher N+ rating to meet the enhanced operational reliability profile mandate of your firm and/or that of your clientele that you serve

And what can we include in our project scope?

  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Main Electrical Distribution Systems (Inclusive of High, Medium & Low Voltage Designs)
  • Electrical Branch Distribution Systems
  • MCCs (Motor Control Centres)
  • Generators & ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Infrastructure
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Equipment
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Lighting Systems & Control
  • Communication Infrastructure (Inclusive of Copper / Fibre / AV Requirements)
  • BAS (Building Automation Systems)
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Project management of associated specialty trades and services


In the very wide spectrum of what might be called a “Datacentre and or Mission Critical Facilities” client, Smith & Long is pleased to have clients from many sectors of the business world. The clear majority of our clients looked after by this team are Datacentres. However, virtually any company requiring 100% availability of power for their mission-critical infrastructure, be it a portion of their operation or their entire facility, can fall within the responsibility of the Smith & Long Critical Facilities Services Group.

Our clients are comprised of tenants, building owners, property managers, general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers…virtually any entity requiring quality electrical, communications and HVACR mission-critical infrastructure services.


Historically our primary focus for the Smith & Long Critical Facility Services Group has been within Ontario. It is within this geographical reach that we have the optimum resources at hand, whether in the downtown core of Toronto, Ottawa or in a remote town or open rural space. Smith & Long’s quality mark is on many facilities stretching back decades within this large area.

However, for the right opportunity and client, we have successfully taken on projects from coast to coast within Canada. Our longtime established base of over 100 quality subcontractors in conjunction with our own strong leadership of project managers has made for a winning combination. Supported by our home office, we can provide a seamless, headache-free project execution whether as a one-off project or part of a national rollout strategy of multiple projects or services.