Critical Facility Services



In a perfect world, all LDCs (Local Distribution Companies) would guarantee with absolute certainty they will provide 100% uptime of power delivered to the electrical service connection point of every one of their customers. As we know all too well from our own collective personal experiences that is unfortunately…not a reality.

One key component in the mission to achieve 100% uptime: Generators.

However, simply having a generator asset is not the end of the story. For as with any complex electromechanical piece of equipment, appropriate and regularly scheduled routines of inspection, maintenance and testing must occur with non-negotiable certainty. For without it, a significant false sense of security can quickly slip in because of a: Yes, we have a generator “checkbox on a list” attitude.

The difference between “inconvenient” and “unacceptable” when it comes to the failure of a generator’s operation in a critical facility is virtually always “totally unacceptable”. When your generator (or generators) are called upon to fulfill their critical function within your operations, you must have the assurance they are ready to perform as designed and originally commissioned. The Smith & Long Critical Systems Team has that vast experience and expertise with generators of all types, sizes, and purposes to give you that assurance.

Let the Smith & Long Critical Systems Team work with you to design an appropriate site-specific annual service and maintenance program regardless of whether you have one location…or many. You will quickly come to appreciate that we know what we are talking about and will never look to “upsell” you on services or their frequency that you do not need. We will provide a comprehensive, detailed, professional program that will encompass the necessary and (in our experience) the all too often overlooked items key to a generator’s operation and longevity.

In addition to appropriate maintenance and testing, ensuring the ancillary systems of monitoring, alarms status, and remote annunciation are just as foundational…for too many generator failures sometimes come through the simplest (and potentially embarrassing) faults as low or no fuel, inadvertent loss of shore power causing loss of battery charger, battery and crankcase heaters, and/or failure to automatically shut down long after utility power has been restored.

Generator Turnkey Projects

The Smith & Long Critical Systems Team has extensive well-renowned experience in the engineering design, procurement, installation and commissioning of generator projects, whether they are new, retrofit upgrade in nature. The extra complexity and challenges of performing this type of project within an active facility is something that we are well suited for and excite us as a group to execute a well-vetted plan, ensuring we meet or exceed our client’s requirements of a seamless execution, free of unexpected, unscheduled interruptions in their daily operation.

The characteristics of a turnkey project ensure you the client can rest assured the Smith & Long Critical Systems Team will take care of all aspects of the project in a seamless fashion with a combination of self-performed work and carefully selected subcontractors to comprise the collaborative project team. Once the complete project details are finalized and we have approval to proceed, as a turnkey project you the client can have as much or as little involvement during the project execution phase as you wish, but we will always communicate. And deliver.

On time and on budget…as the Smith & Long Critical Systems Team executes your turnkey generator project with excellence!