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The importance of a professionally installed, maintained and serviced Fire Alarm System cannot be understated or undervalued for an obvious and simple important reason: Life Safety. Smith & Long has the respect, expertise, certification, and experience to be your quality Fire Alarm System Contractor of choice.

We at Smith & Long have worked with a wide variety of fire alarm systems, designs, and manufacturers as a long-established contractor. These range vastly from the very basic to complex given our wide range in clientele from small industrial to major office towers… and everything in between! As such we have developed strong and positive working relationships with all associated major manufacturers, suppliers and agencies.

Our highly trained, experienced and certified Smith & Long Fire Alarm System Technicians can be depended upon to provide you with the services you need, including new installation projects, retrofit upgrades, defective device replacement, as well as moves, adds or changes of components as part of a compliance or renovation project.

We are proud of the fact that we have a large contingent of Smith & Long field personnel who have taken the time to do the field work and educational courses necessary to become “CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electricians” through the well-recognized and respected ECAO (Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario) Fire Alarm System Certification Program. The ECAO CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm System Certification Program uses following criteria and levels:

The ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Certification Program meets the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code O. Reg. 213/07. This program is deemed acceptable to the Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirement of Clause C. A certificate of achievement is issued to each electrician for the successful completion of the successive levels. A wallet-sized photo ID is issued to every electrician upon successful completion of Level IV. As a requirement of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, every electrician certified under the ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Program must renew their certification every five years.

Electrical Service: Fire Alarm

Level 1 – Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels & Installation of Input & Output Devices

Level 2 – Integrated Fire Alarm Control EVAC Systems & Fire Alarm Extinguishing Control Panels

Level 3 – Internal Components of Fire Alarm Control Panels

Level 4 – Advanced Fire Alarm Control Panel: Addressable Digital & Analog Devices

Why not stay (or get) in compliance while saving time and money by utilizing the same electrical contractor you have depended upon for so many other electrically related technical services and installations? Reach out to Smith & Long for all your Fire Alarm System requirements because LIFE SAFETY is #1!