Engineering Services



The Smith & Long Engineering Services Group fully understands the all-important intertwined engineering and constructability relationship that must, in turn, translate into an appropriate level of operability…and future service and maintenance thereafter.

The ability to have quality engineering service personnel come to your facility and or project site can be invaluable for an insightful review of existing electrical conditions and providing next-step strategies.

The Smith & Long Engineering Services Group play many roles for “Field Service” requirements on behalf of our clients.  Often this service takes the form of working through the feasibility of a project concept regarding power or process improvements…and how it can best be achieved.  Sometimes clients call upon our Field Services group to inspect existing conditions; whether it be to conduct a site review in terms of electrical safety concerns, a suspect situation or condition related to the behaviour of electrical distribution systems, the switching sequence of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and or distribution breaker transfer schemes, to name but a few.

Sometimes the Smith & Long Engineering Services Group are called upon in a consulting capacity as subject matter experts to perform a review of an existing plan to better solve the engineered design, code compliant, constructability, operability, future maintenance, and service equation.  This relationship is often complex, but always achievable.

Furthermore, the important caveat here is not that there will be changes to the plan (although that is conceivably the best scenario), but how those inevitable changes are addressed.  Project scope changes can occur for a wide variety of reasons; unforeseen conditions within an existing facility, client-driven changes to better serve their requirements, gained site knowledge that presents a cost savings/value engineered measure, or much more.  The main goal is to engineer a solution with the least disruption to project flow and schedule as possible.  The Smith & Long Engineering Services Group can play a vital role in achieving this quality solution!

Reach out to the Smith & Long Engineering Field Services Group the next time you need some thoughtful on-site review, validation, engineering, inspection, or “collaborative brainstorming” …for you will find our engineering personnel extremely effective, engaging and insightful.