Engineering Services



Do you have a need to have your electrical distribution systems be professionally documented as an engineered or an as-built document? Or perhaps you have a production line or individual machine that has evolved over time with no reliable documentation in existence? Smith & Long has both the engineering expertise and CAD proficiency to provide these services for you.

Single Line Drawings – There are many valid reasons for providing SLDs (Single Line Drawings), including :

    • “As-built” drawing to physically post within the electrical rooms as a safety reference document noting sources, tie-breaker schemes, sub-services, etc.
    • Electrical design plan review submittal for a new project
  • A collaborative electronic CAD file to be used as a “live document” for future planning, moves, adds or changes complete with annotated key reference information such as voltages, amperage ratings, key equipment manufacturer names, model and catalog numbers, etc.

Schematics – There are many valid reasons for providing electrical schematics, including :

    • A significant troubleshooting resource to aid the service technician in quickly determining the source of an operational fault or faults, thus facilitating getting the associated equipment back into production as soon as possible.
    • A current reference document to facilitate potential functionality improvements
  • Transposing or updating documentation of equipment that was manufactured out of country whereby modifications were subsequently required (or will be required) to meet local electrical safety standards compliance.

Contact the Smith & Long Engineering Services Group today to help bring any required design, fragmented or missing system or equipment documentation together for you.  Once it is all consolidated it into a professional, current, concise CAD reference document, consider it as a powerful building block for the future