Mechanical Services



Smith & Long Mechanical provides comprehensive annual boiler system reviews that encompass mandatory regulatory TSSA compliance, manufacturers recommendations, and best practices to help ensure safe, reliable, and efficient performance.

This is accomplished through a detailed physical inspection and testing process…all carefully documented that includes integral items such as pressure relief systems, heat exchangers, ignition control modules, flame sensors, combustion analysis including NOx levels testing, fuel line integrity, pump systems, etc. Once complete, our subsequent report will indicate any safety compliance issues, identify those items in need of immediate repair or replacement, as well as categorize any items that will need attention at a future date complete with recommended timelines.

We provide installations, service, and maintenance for equipment manufactured by industry leaders such as Raypak, Camus Hydronics, etc., as well as less notable manufacturers and even those no longer under current production. In other words, Smith & Long Mechanical has you covered to professionally support your boiler system needs regardless of how new or how old…or perhaps now is the time for a turnkey boiler replacement installation to attain a new level of energy efficiency benefits, reliability, or both.

As part of our turnkey boiler project offerings, we can provide complete engineering services inclusive of load calculations, combustion and ventilation air calculations, equipment recommendations, efficiency calculations inclusive of any potential energy savings rebates, resultant ROI, and safety reviews, etc.

Complementary services provided by our boiler specialists include the installation, servicing and maintaining of hot water unit heaters such as Trane, Modine, and many others!