Mechanical Services



No building owner, property manager, or tenant should ever consider their building systems equipment infrastructure as a simple commodity item…and yet to our surprise, it often appears that way! When it comes specifically to building chiller systems infrastructure, the sheer capital cost, footprint, and reliance on these systems demand seasoned professional expertise.

Smith & Long Mechanical has that expertise. We have field technicians with a reputation in the “chiller community” as having a wealth of hands-on technical experience and knowledge who are considerable in demand

and for good reason! Downtime is one thing, but errors inappropriate service, maintenance, commissioning and or re-commissioning can and all too often do have serious costly outcomes from both a monetary and safety perspective.

At Smith & Long Mechanical, we supply, install, commission, recommission, service and maintain a wide variety of chiller systems, sizes and types, both well recognized and the more obscure, electric or steam turbine driven:

  • Air-cooled without condenser
  • Air-cooled with condenser
  • Water-cooled, reciprocating
  • Water-cooled, rotary screw, scroll
  • Water-cooled, centrifugal
  • Single-effect absorption, air-cooled
  • Single-effect absorption, water-cooled
  • Double-effect absorption, indirect fired
  • Double-effect absorption, direct fired

Proactive Chiller Maintenance – In addition to the investment in and reliance on your chiller systems…as potentially one of the single largest pieces of power consuming equipment, the absolute need to ensure this equipment is optimized in its operating efficiency ensures your facility energy dollars spent are minimized…and the output maximized.

  • Winter Maintenance Programs
  • Spring Startup Programs
  • Monthly In-Season Inspection Programs
  • Fall Shutdown Programs

This can be accomplished through a Smith & Long Mechanical Maintenance Plan that will incorporate:

New Chiller Installations & Replacements – Any well-run organization has a drive to fiscal prudence, whether its purely good governance of their operational model or endorsed through their corporate sustainability initiative. However, another effective route is through governmental regulations which can also play an important mandated role through energy efficiency standards. As the worldwide conversation continues to grow regarding Global Warming and the rapidly growing consensus that “we can and should do it better” governmental regulations are important but we believe its just the tip of the iceberg and the right and positive conversation is one that we continually have and execute across the board.

When considering purchasing a new chiller, which we recognize is a significant consumer of energy, The bottom line is you need to partner with a responsible, knowledgeable group like Smith & Long Mechanical to guide you through the process to ensure the best value proposition is identified and implemented for the long term.

Our clients include District Energy Plants, large buildings in the industrial, commercial and institutional space, ice rinks, cold storage facilities, etc.

Cooling Towers – Often because of the remote location of cooling tower installations, they are left unattended…that is until they fail.

Cooling Towers perform a vital role in any system and are designed with one purpose…disposing or rejecting unwanted heat from a source such as cooling or process infrastructure. In order to reliably and efficiently accomplish this task, they must be serviced and maintained accordingly, for not unlike chillers discussed above, the investment, lifecycle, reliability, and energy efficiency all hang in the balance.

Smith & Long Mechanical can perform all aspects of service and maintenance related to cooling tower system infrastructure such as pumps, piping, fans, belts, controls, and annunciation. As well as appropriate cleaning, inspection, and testing which are all items that need regular professional expertise.