Mechanical Services



Regardless of the manufacturer, regardless of the technology, regardless of the age or condition of your equipment, our experienced Smith & Long Mechanical management and field staff welcome the opportunity to provide quality service and installations for all of your HVAC requirements!

On any given day, the Smith & Long Mechanical Team supply, install, service and maintain:

  • Packaged rooftop HVAC units, split systems, computer room specific units, etc.
  • Heat pumps
  • Makeup air (MUA), fume hoods, etc.

We provide these service offerings through several means such as:

  • Moves-Adds-Changes: By their very nature HVAC requirements are very dynamic, but never more so as in this present day as companies constantly strive to optimize square footage and their organizational structure to remain (or become) the most efficient competitive entity amongst their corporate peers.  To accomplish this goal, there are often many requests for moves, adds, changes (or MAC) that involve HVAC systems.
  • Procurement & Installation: Very often a client will know the “idea” of what they need from a materials and or equipment point of view, but they look to us for technical guidance, product knowledge, buying power, as well as the expertise to install the equipment and associated materials and hardware according to manufacturers’ specifications and local codes.
  • System Commissioning: In conjunction with an equipment manufacturer, technical representative, engineering firm, third-party consultant and/or client, we regularly provide commissioning assistance as well as direct full commissioning services, all depending on the specific product, system and if there are proprietary encumbrances involved.
  • Turnkey Projects: To avoid the all too often inevitable issues of finger pointing and “that’s not in my scope / not my responsibility” rebuttals from a variety of unrelated project parties, Smith & Long Mechanical can provide headache-free HVAC “One Stop Shop” solutions for projects by being that vital single point of contact to facilitate seamless project execution with excellence.  For any project scope items that we cannot self-perform, we utilize appropriate quality subcontractors, service providers and vendors to complement our group to assemble a client-focused collaborative project team.
  • Tenant Fit-Ups / Tenant Improvements: Whether working from an empty base building infrastructure as a first tenant, or space that has been stripped back to base building conditions or perhaps existing occupied space that needs significant alteration to accommodate new requirements, Smith & Long Mechanical has the expertise.  We work with a large variety of owners, tenants, property managers, construction management firms and general contractors always ensuring our scope is completed on time and on budget in collaboration with all related stakeholders.