Mechanical Services



Facility Pre-Purchase HVACR Inspection & Audits: Seriously considering the purchase of a new facility and the true condition of the HVACR building systems infrastructure is undefined? Procure the services of the Smith & Long Mechanical Team to do a thorough, unbiased Facility Pre-Purchase Inspection & Audit.

The possession of insightful and detailed information as to the condition of existing HVACR infrastructure is invaluable to help mitigate costly surprise expenditures after moving in. This supportive service has often proven to be a vital negotiation tool to our clients prior to closing on a facility purchase (or lease depending on the terms of the lease) if significant issues or potential issues are revealed through this investigative and documented process.

Our team can verify the operational condition of the HVACR systems equipment, check if regular routine maintenance appears to have been performed and identify any legacy equipment whereby replacement parts will be an ongoing costly line item on your go forward annual operations budgets.

Upon completion of the inspection process, a comprehensive report will be produced complete with our observations, recommendations and potential cost implications for the as-is condition of the HVACR infrastructure.

HVACR Recommissioning Services

Looking for ways to reinforce your corporate sustainability mandate, or to simply to improve the operational efficiency of your existing HVACR systems? Look to Smith & Long Mechanical for our Recommissioning Service Offerings

Whether you are a recent existing facility purchaser, tenant, or a longstanding owner or tenant, the original design intent, features, and operational efficiencies of your HVACR systems have often been “lost”. This loss can be for many reasons:

  • Moves, Adds & Changes from the original building design space and purpose
  • Inoperative equipment and components
  • Previous replacement of original equipment and components with different operational characteristics
  • Permanent manual override of controls thus defeating the designed operation
  • Loss of systems operations documentation
  • Change in operational personnel without suitable handover and training
  • Lack of a comprehensive HVACR systems maintenance program

The great news is that all of these reasons can be mitigated and your HVACR systems can be restored to their originally designed operational efficiency, providing both maximum occupant comfort and a resultant operations cost savings benefit. You will find our Smith & Long Mechanical Team great to work with throughout the recommissioning process as this is an appropriate baseline approach to managing your facility in a responsible and prudent manner.

However, depending on the age, design, and type of your HVACR systems as documented through our current systems status evaluation process, significant potential net gains are often identified as well. These improvements may be possible through the installation and commissioning of available present-day optimized equipment types, associated controls technologies and energy savings rebate programs…thus establishing a whole new threshold of HVACR operational excellence. As part of our service on your behalf, we will present all appropriate options for your consideration prior to re-commissioning the existing system.

Our findings and recommendations might include an entire system replacement upgrade, a phased-in approach, or a replacement upgrade of just a single item be it from an equipment or controls perspective along with the related net benefit and or ROI. Regardless of your final decision and directive for us to proceed, you will be a better-informed client, armed with the required information to make appropriate business decisions tailored for your short and long-term facility requirements and budgets.