Mechanical Services



Proactive HVACR Service & Maintenance Programs are likely one of the most notable service offerings that Smith & Long Mechanical is traditionally known and respected for within the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional marketplace.

In the same way, no two facilities are alike, no two Smith & Long Mechanical Proactive HVACR Service & Maintenance Programs are alike. One size and approach does not fit all. First and foremost, at Smith & Long Mechanical we listen to you as you describe your facility HVACR needs as well as your “pain points”.

  • What challenges have you had in the past in with HVACR maintenance contracts and programs?
  • Have they truly been of a “proactive” nature, or has your experience been more of a “reactive” approach?
  • Do you have an inordinate number of “system downtime” events?
  • Are you finding your HVACR systems are not responding to your facility’s varying seasonal needs?
  • Does your current HVACR services provider communicate well in everyday terms that you can understand?

If they have been frustrating you, your staff, as well as your bottom line, we hear you and are here to serve you differently! Let Smith & Long Mechanical develop a comprehensive Proactive HVACR Service & Maintenance Program Package designed specifically for you and your requirements.

The result?

HVACR System Reliability…Efficiency…Economy.

It is very important to note that the ramifications of allowing your HVACR systems to be poorly serviced and maintained goes beyond the higher energy consumption and or costly damage to equipment.

  • What might seem like a minor mechanically related issue can have catastrophic outcomes…a plugged or severed condensate line that in turn permits drainage into live electrical equipment is one all too common example.
  • Filters that are so dirty, struggling to pass air through them, or filters that become damaged thereby pass contaminated air within the facility air stream causing an unhealthy working or living environment.

Contact Smith & Long Mechanical for professional service and maintenance offerings that provide a solid value proposition for your HVACR systems, for all too often a false sense of security is given upon signing a “service” and “maintenance” contract that at the end of the day provide very little of either.  

Clients keep coming back to us as they find our straightforward approach refreshing in the fact that we do not promote services that they do not need and we provide true value for the dollars invested in their HVACR systems infrastructure!