Proactive Maintenance



Every day the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team enthusiastically works on behalf of our clients to maximize the productivity on any electrical shutdown opportunity. Our experience in this field has given us the ability to pre-schedule a multi-facetted task list, either in a phased or as a simultaneous approach to ensure it is accomplished…professionally, safely, and on time.

Our clients will often ask us to perform work “live” either because their previous electrical service provider used to do it and “nothing went wrong”, or because it will be extremely inconvenient, even costly to turn the power off to a portion (or all) of their facility.  

At Smith & Long, we fully understand this sentiment and rationale.  However, notwithstanding the fact that occupational health and safety mandates may be compromised, and the associated safety risks undertaken by all personnel involved; is it not far better to have a business plan that is scheduled, well-executed, and controlled with a maintenance procedure that occurs as planned vs. a potentially catastrophic event that arises should something go wrong?  We believe so.  There are too many well-documented cases of work being performed in “live” states that caused serious life-altering injuries and resultant downtime that is measured in days and weeks.

As you will read throughout the Smith & Long website text, our depth of experience has been earned and learned through the exposure to one of the broadest electrical offerings in the marketplace.  Some of this experience has come directly as a result of many decades filled with thousands of projects that Smith & Long have been contracted to perform.  Some of this experience has been gleaned from personnel who have gained their direct experience working elsewhere and have subsequently seen Smith & Long as an attractive firm to fulfill their career needs.  And the third prevalent category has been driven through intentional in-house training programs, mentoring and cross-team development.

It is through this expertise-rich culture of desiring to provide the ultimate best-in-class service experience for all our clients that the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team are so pleased and privileged to provide proactive maintenance, service, and installation offerings on equipment such as:

  • Electrical Distribution Switchgear
  • Distribution & Special Purpose Transformers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • Relay Testing & Calibration
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Bus Duct, Switches & Risers
  • Feeder Cabling Systems
  • Grounding Systems
  • Distribution Equipment Infrastructure
  • Safety Compliance Enhancements
  • Specialty Purpose-Built Equipment
  • Equipment & Systems for all voltage ranges up to and including 44kV

It is important to note that some of these services are a direct result of outcomes driven by some of our other Energized Maintenance offerings that have identified issues and or suspect conditions requiring further investigation and service while in a de-energized state.

At Smith & Long we fully recognize and respect that proactively maintaining and servicing electrical equipment in a safe, de-energized state comes at a cost.  And that is precisely why the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team have built such a strong reputation as the “Go To Service Provider” for our disciplined, well-organized, appropriately equipped, pre-planned and well-documented approach for all of our De-Energized Maintenance Services.