Proactive Maintenance



The use of infrared imagery has a powerful and widespread application of accepted uses and applications allowing the technician to virtually “see” the surface temperature differentials of materials within the focal point of an infrared camera. When it comes to applying this technology to electrical distribution systems infrastructure and associated equipment, the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team has this down to a science.

As with all of our Proactive Service offerings, the ultimate goal at Smith & Long is to solve “potential” problems” before they become “actual problems” through a costly failure and possible safety hazard.  With regard to our Infrared Thermography Services performed by any one of our multiple certified thermography teams, we know our service has resulted in the saving of millions of dollars for our clients by being able to virtually look into the future of degrading components and connections.

Smith & Long’s Proactive Electrical Maintenance Infrared Thermography Services are comprised of Infrared Thermography certified journeyman electricians who are also certified in Ultrasonic Testing and High Voltage Maintenance and work in compliance with the CSA standard for Workplace Electrical Safety CSA Z462‐15.  Our quality teams provide quality outcomes.  

It is worthy to note that we also use ultrasonic electrical detection probes to “listen” for any anomalies that the infrared cameras may miss, for as good as the technology behind infrared is (and it is amazing), the utilization of ultrasonic technology takes our inspection procedure to the next level.  Upon completion of the onsite Infrared Thermography service, the saved images and equipment data is formatted and published into a concise report that describes in detail the severity of any suspect or identified issues with a corresponding recommendation as to the urgency of the action to be required.  Some items may be stressed as requiring immediate action, whereas some may be as a note to the client for awareness until the next scheduled shutdown for further physical inspection and remedy. Within all areas of urgency, we are able to source and procure any recommended spare parts for replacement at a mutually convenient pre-scheduled date.   

In this area of highly technical and specialized service offerings…you get what you pay for.

As a potential buyer of service-based offerings that will prove to be a prudent use of resources, beware of simply “lowest price” decision making for Infrared Thermography service procurement.  For if that is what you are seeking, then be wary of what to expect in return!  All too often when we have lost a bid by a significant margin on any infrared thermography project of substance, we will with respect encourage the person who is awarding the project to “do the math”. The number of items expected to be captured (many times in the hundreds or thousands range) plus the meaningful associated data documented, divided by the allotted time. This will sometimes bring out that the answer is measured in mere seconds per item.  When you consider the steps that are required to obtain a proper documented and catalogued image, not to mention the time required to gain access to each room, floor, and area…plus safely and physically remove and replace electrical equipment covers while having donned the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), many buyers of services realize they have been duped.  Unfortunately, some buyers take the stance that the low-price winner “has been doing it for years so they must know what they are doing”.  Yes, they do, but we are not talking about efficiency, it has to do with value.

Contact the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team for professional, meaningful and technically accurate Infrared Thermography Services to strategically look into the future of your electrical systems infrastructure…and thus enabling you and your firm to be proactive…today.