Proactive Maintenance



As the powerful and important word “uninterruptible” suggests, the desire and very often imperative need for a reliable uninterrupted power source is paramount in many of today’s business applications.  This need is all well and good, but regular attention must be given to this steady source of power supply.

The wide variety of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) sizes, types and features available are almost seemingly endless with varying voltage, power, duration, and form factor.  Many are designed to be “online” such that the transition from utility power to UPS is 100% seamless.  Most UPS are commonly designed with a battery energy source but there is also a growing application for models with and integral high-speed inertia-based flywheel in lieu of batteries.

In order to help ensure your Uninterruptible Power Supply remains “uninterruptible”, use the technical resources found within the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team.

There are many tests, inspections and proactive maintenance procedures that can and should be regularly and consistently performed on your UPS system infrastructure.  While some UPS units are considered “commodity items” as a small under the desk plug-in singular PC power back-up support devices, larger hard-wired permanent UPS equipment have significantly more dollars invested in their supply and installation. This coupled with significantly larger dependence on them by employee count and process.  It is for these reasons that the decision to perform quality and proactive UPS maintenance program is a prudent financial business decision.

Upon request, a Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team member will come to your facility and meticulously follow the manufacturer’s recommended diagnostics, testing and maintenance procedures for your specific UPS system or systems.  This will include physical monitoring and observation of the system in operation, verification of bypass circuitry, as well as performing terminal maintenance, cleaning, review of ventilation fans and filters as applicable, and noting any visual component decolorization as a possible indicator of an overheating condition and or future component failure.  Depending upon the type of batteries employed; whether they’re “maintenance-free” sealed units or otherwise, the required maintenance and electrolyte levels (when applicable) will be verified and refreshed.  All DC connection will be inspected as to their integrity and re-torqued.

Upon completion, you will gain the invaluable knowledge as to the status of your equipment as well as the assurance that it is current with all recommended maintenance procedures.  Of vital importance is the nature of the “proactive maintenance” aspect that we put into all of our service offerings.  By being proactive, our technicians pay particular attention to any potentially suspect components and or conditions and document them for you along with a recommended plan for your consideration to remedy and alleviate future concerns of UPS system reliability.

Contact the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team for all of your UPS requirements including proactive maintenance, service, upgrades and new installations.