Safety & Training Programs


Why choose Smith & Long as your electrical, communications and HVACR contractor?

An inherent culture of safety and continual learning.

Smith & Long is built upon RESPONSE™, but SAFETY is second to none. The Smith & Long Electrical, Communications and HVACR focused personnel is your best choice for so many reasons: Safety. Expertise. Experience. Mentoring. Support.

There are hundreds of thousands of books, seminars, papers and conferences in annual circulation centred on one very important subject matter: Corporate culture, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And for good reason.

For when the overall culture (or “DNA”) of a company is built upon an employee engagement model whereby “everyone matters”, a team atmosphere is very important and apparent. And as we all know, when it comes to sports teams the “everyone matters” mantra is very powerful; for when each member of the team is truly looking out for one another and everyone pull’s together as a cohesive unit, the ability for them to rise to the top of their respective game is in most cases an exciting reality and we are happy to say this is our reality at Smith & Long.

At Smith & Long, we pull together daily to ensure maximized safety for our staff, clients, and the general public. This is done through our immersion into the Electrical, Communications and HVACR trades and our obsession with evolving and learning alongside the rapid pace in which the trades themselves are evolving. Active mentoring is a primary example of how we stay on top; our “it’s a dull day when you don’t learn something” attitude aids in this and when backed up by our formalized in-house and external upgrade skills training…it’s a WIN WIN!