Structured Cabling



The availability, variety, and prevalence of exceptional products that comprise today’s Audio-Visual (AV) marketplace has truly been a game-changer in terms of viable solutions and is within reach of virtually all business types. Smith & Long are in the “Client Solutions Business” and so our involvement in AV is a natural fit…now more than ever.

It is an understatement to say that the pace of the “AV products evolution” has been nothing short of explosive in recent years.

A simple example is regarding computer monitors and how the same “technology transition” has now translated to large form factor, high definition displays being commonplace. Many people in the workplace today will not even know what a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display is…or was! And yet the size and quality of today’s flat panel monitors and displays has opened up countless opportunities for innovation within meeting and conference rooms for agenda and presentation materials, video conferencing, “telepresence” (High definition full scale imagery / purpose-built meeting rooms), or production floor throughput displayed in real time, or an effective and attractive office lobby corporate information presentation medium…to name but a few.

Leveraged by our existing broad base of client types, markets and needs, Smith & Long continues to perform many interesting and exciting projects in the AV space for requirements such as:

  • Informational Displays
  • Interactive Room Functional Control
  • Lighting Features within commercial and institutional spaces to major exterior building facades
  • Media Broadcast Systems
  • Meeting & Conference Rooms
  • Room Scheduling
  • Sound Reinforcement within office environments to outdoor professional sports venues
  • Teleconference / Telepresence Infrastructure
  • Way Finding

We live in a world that continues to be driven and sometimes dominated by short texts, emails, etc., as a prime mode of communication. We have all experienced these messages being misinterpreted…sometimes with subsequent unintended and unfortunate consequences.

In many business settings, the much-needed clarity of concise communication for meetings, presentations, informational kiosks, can be simplified by and conveyed through a properly designed, installed and commissioned AV system which can help facilitate detailed, meaningful, collaborative, inclusive interactive communication. Benefits that can be gained through enhanced meeting productivity will also convey an elevated corporate image for your personnel and clients alike providing a strong sense of corporate excellence and professionalism.

Smith & Long works within this exciting AV environment through our technically savvy field management and site personnel, as well as through positive long-term working relationships with strategically aligned design engineering firms and quality equipment supply chains. We want to put this team to work for you!