Structured Cabling



With so much at stake with respect to your daily operations dependancy on reliable high-speed communications systems, regardless of how they are to be utilized, you cannot afford to incorporate a weak infrastructure with less than stellar uptime and speed.

In a similar vein, the need for reliable electrical power services is the same for communications infrastructure, as it has become just as vital…when either are “down” or running at less than optimum performance…the net overall costs to productivity can be staggering.

Three fundamentals work together in this regard and demand:

  1. The Right Plan
  2. The Right Execution of The Plan
  3. The Right Ongoing Service & Maintenance Procedures

When it comes to these fundamentals, you will see throughout this entire Structured Cabling & Audio-Visual Solutions section, Smith & Long has our clients covered. With regard to Communications Systems Design specifically, our in-house RCDD (Registered Communication Distribution Designer) personnel in combination with our design experience across many different markets and an excellent ability to capture our client needs today along with inherent future-proofing makes Smith & Long a design partner of choice.

It begins with meaningful dialogue upfront. This is the catalyst that provides a much-needed foundation to build upon…by making sure client needs are met and budgets respected. The “delta” where those two criteria cross can be challenging to mesh sometimes…but that is also what drives us through an inclusive collaborative approach with all stakeholders. A basic “needs analysis” vs. “nice to haves” can often be designed into a phased approach enabling the base design to incorporate future add-ons as additional funding becomes available.

Designing in today’s Structured Cabling & Audio-Visual Solutions environment provides our design group many “levers to pull” when it comes to the rapidly expanding cabling, componentry and equipment offerings. This allows us to to give you, the client, virtually endless possibilities within connectivity, speed, functionality and operability.

Regardless of whether you need additional capacity, moves-adds-changes, a transition from a legacy system, or an entirely new Structured Cabling & Audio-Visual Solutions project, our clients have the assurance and the confidence that they are not only heading in the right direction having Smith & Long on their design team…but the knowledge that they have a full circle of service offerings through our ability to design, install, service and maintain, which is hard to beat!