Structured Cabling



Over the past several years the Security Systems & Access Control marketplace has literally been inundated with products and services for the “lowest price in the market”. However, with so much at stake in this realm, is “price” the prime driver for your product and contractor selection?

But what about:

Technology. Quality. Reliability. Features. Integrity. Flexibility. Expandability. Safety. Functionality.

These are the key characteristics and attributes related to product offerings. But they also speak well to the depth of an installation, service and maintenance contractor. As a contractor whose mantra is RESPONSE and has long recognized the value of solid long-term working relationships with our clients …to us nothing says success as much as repeat business. When speaking about Security Systems & Access Control project work on behalf of long-term clients, we believe we must be doing something right…as there is no room for error.

The product offerings in this space are virtually limitless, however, the “not all are created equal” line rings very true and its extremely important that you are not sold a bill of goods with a poor reliability track record, limited future growth potential, and weak warranty and service follow through/support.

Complexity solved. Whether your facility need for Security Systems & Access Control involves migration to a new system, moves-adds-changes to your existing infrastructure, or a brand-new installation from the ground up…you can depend upon the Smith & Long team to provide a comprehensive solution to fit your needs!