Temporary Power



In-house engineering, large pre-fabrication facility, understanding of efficient deployment within challenging site conditions due to the available footprint, serviceable access challenge solutions, scheduling creativity and ingenuity…all excellent reasons why Smith & Long is so well positioned in the Prefabricated Custom Power Solutions marketplace.

As a multifaceted contractor with international experience, when it comes to electrically feeding a project site there are not too many project site challenges that our personnel has not encountered before. The pressure and importance of energizing a site quickly once the required project approvals have been given to proceed is imperative, especially with the ever-present aggressive construction schedule. To meet that vital mandate, Smith & Long have been producing and deploying our Prefabricated Custom Power Solutions for our clients with great success.

How great is it to have the ability to deploy a quality custom engineered and pre-fabricated piece of equipment on time and on budget with the ability to quickly connect the incoming electrical utility feeds, complete with pre-terminated high voltage transformation, distribution switchgear, distribution transformers, load disconnect switches, circuit breaker panelboards, etc.,…virtually anything that you may require from a power perspective on your project is all contained within a robust, serviceable, electrical inspection authority compliant package.

Do you need virtually 100% uptime of power for your project? Not a problem…we will incorporate a backup generator into our system for you that will be engineered to support specific crucial loads…or the entire electrical distribution system. Available footprint a problem? Here again, not a problem as we can engineer and construct a Prefabricated Custom Power Solution that will incorporate a bi-level version to maximize the ground space utilized in a very efficient form factor.

Be sure to contact Smith & Long when contemplating your next temporary project power requirements to discuss the advantage of our Prefabricated Custom Power Solutions that achieve quick deployment and quick power up…enabling you to get on with your build!