Temporary Power



Within the very diverse range of long-term Smith & Long clients, many of whom are “end users”, usually as either building owners, property managers, or tenants, many have us naturally positioned for them as the #1 “go to source” for their temporary generator needs.

Smith & Long is your best choice as a temporary power solutions partner for so many reasons: Safety. Innovation. Experience. Compliance. Expertise. Access. Prefabrication. Collaboration. RESPONSE.

We work for the opportunity to service any clients temporary generator needs and we usually do so for one of two reasons:

  1. An emergency requirement for temporary power due to an unforeseen utility power outage to their entire facility or a failure within their substation or main electrical service switchgear.
  2. A scheduled requirement for temporary power due to a substation and or electrical switchgear maintenance or upgrades.

Two totally different reasons with two totally different approaches but always with the same result:

Connected power when needed in a safe and compliant manner.

Emergency Power Requirements:

All it takes is a phone call to Smith & Long’s main office number anytime of the day or night stating your urgent emergency power requirement and we spring into action.

Key information such as facility voltage, anticipated generator sizing and distance from the temporary generator placement location to the physical tie-in point can be quickly assessed if not already known and we take care of the rest.

Whether your facility already has a pre-installed emergency generator tie-in box or we must safely isolate the incoming electrical feeders to the main electrical switchboard to temporarily tie-in the generator, you can be assured of a Smith & Long safe, quality, efficient re-energization process as we totally understand that time is money whenever a facility is “down”. And when the power issue has been restored, our swing over back onto regular power is just as seamless of a process.

Scheduled Power Requirements – The reasons for requiring a pre-scheduled temporary generator power source can be anything from routine or proactive service, maintenance, electrical additions or upgrades…and very often it will be a combination of several. At Smith & Long we fully appreciate that any power interruption, even when planned, is extremely disruptive and costly to business operations, hence the vital and prudent strategy to take advantage of the opportunity and accomplish as much as possible in a fully vetted compressed scheduled timeframe.

The core of so much of our daily operations requires a MOP (Method of Operation) to ensure procedurally we “have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed”, but be assured that although Scheduled Power Requirements are quite routine for us, you will never find us complacent in their execution! For our success comes from the numerous systematic details within pre-planning, inspections, specifications, coordination, procurement, duration, approvals, documentation, communication and verification…for any scheduled shutdown and temporary power requirement.

The full impact of a facility power shutdown can never be underestimated, and that’s why we spend considerable time in careful thought considering: hence the careful thought ahead of time is time well spent:

  • Alarm systems – Does your monitoring company need to be advised ahead of time that the brief interruption of power they may observe is a planned event?
  • Production process – Does production and or quality assurance personnel need to be advised in order to preserve and protect a process or product?
  • Phone systems – Is there a backup power system in place to ensure calls are not dropped and service temporarily interrupted?
  • IT – Are there back up procedures that need to be invoked ahead of time?
  • Facility access and egress – Do any magnetically held open or locked doors need to be protected or physically monitored?
  • Does the entire facility have to be energized as if under full load or can some loads be isolated during this time and thus decreasing the size of generator required?
  • Will a single generator suffice or are multiple generators required due to loading or redundancy mandates?

Whether your temporary generator needs are on an emergency basis or pre-scheduled, count on the Smith & Long RESPONSE™ for trusted, professionally executed services…each and every time!