Temporary Power



A common challenge to most every tunnelling project site, particularly those located within active cities, towns, municipalities, or specifically adjacent to or within active vehicular traffic areas, etc., is that of a restricted footprint for equipment and materials laydown, receiving areas, mobile job site offices, workspaces, and parking, etc.

A second common challenge is often related to accelerated scheduling mandates for quick mobilization on site once authorization to proceed has been received.

Added to these hindrances and logistical complexities are the reality of potentially compromised project safety.

When it comes to quickly mobilizing and energizing site power, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division has a proven solution.

We have leveraged the known advantages of offsite prefabrication such as a controlled construction environment and resultant quality control, unencumbered workspace free of logistics possibly hampering other onsite trades and activities, as well as the ability to complete work prior to actual site readiness.

Once the site-specific electrical project requirements have been identified such as the LDC (Local Distribution Company) regulations, local inspection authority regulations, anticipated total project KW demand load, available primary voltage and capacity, secondary equipment loads and associated voltages, any requirements for continuous or standby power, any special site and or additional project specific requirements, etc., our engineering and design team can get to work.

Based on an optimized engineered design to meet the client needs in a modular customized, self-contained, weatherproof, secure enclosure, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division staff will assemble a robust “power station” that can be landed on site and electrically connected so seamlessly that the onsite progress will not miss a beat.

The Smith & Long Tunnelling Division Temporary Power Modular Solutions have been widely received and accepted, recognizable by a thoughtful, engineered design from a practical, functional, flexible, quality, and job site-worthy perspective.

By virtue of the complete design and off-site prefabrication strategy, clients have remarked as to the quality of the final product achieved through a compact, maintenance, and service friendly solution. Depending on the specified requirements and available site footprint, we have created systems that are standalone, close-coupled and those with integrated structural design to support significant standby generators on top of the enclosures.

In addition to the modularity of the systems, a prime example of intentional flexibility in design will often incorporate adjustable physical taps on the primary and or secondary windings of the main transformer. In this way, the future use by the client or Smith & Long and future marketability is maximized as a positive post-project return on investment.