Temporary Power



The need for reliable utility power services is paramount regardless of whether the need is considered as temporary or permanent. In the case of a temporary need, many repeat clients look to Smith & Long for they know we understand that quite simply…a cost-effective installation that meets all regulatory criteria is the number one priority.

Reputation and Relationship are two key fundamentals in all business activities. When those principles are both positive it also speaks to being trusted and professional. At Smith & Long, we find those strengths work to our advantage when working with regulatory and utility bodies for they know our company mantra is about safety and doing the right thing, with no shortcuts and are always 100% code compliant installations. That knowledge and associated respect facilitate tight coordination with ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) in conjunction and interfacing with the LDC (Local Distribution Company) on your behalf as working trusted partners in delivering your temporary power requirements.

Delays of any nature related to the installation and connection of a Temporary Utility Service are costly as it generally translates to a front-end delay to a project schedule. Burning up schedule contingency days (if there are any) at the commencement of a project is the last thing an owner and or project team wants to see…or can afford. Time and time again we hear of this exact situation occurring, all too often because of communication breakdowns, the appropriate protocol was not followed, and/or roles and responsibilities were not clearly defined. Always a costly and totally unnecessary waste of time, resources, and money.

Any properly assembled project team is given a high degree of accountability surrounding compliance with the contracted project schedule and to plan their resources around and throughout your important project mandates and milestones. Do not make the project kick-off stumbling because of a poorly executed Temporary Utility Service Project.

 Let Smith & Long work hard on your behalf to efficiently coordinate and work through the various site assessments, engineering, applications, approvals, installations, inspections and power connection requirements to get your temporary utility services up and running when needed, where needed.