Tunnel & Mining Services


Why choose Smith and Long for Tunnelling Services?

Diversity of technical expertise and international experience.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Internationally Experienced Tunnelling Team

  • Tunnelling Project Systems Design & Engineering Support

  • Site Support & Project Execution

  • Temporary Power Modular Solutions

  • Temporary Power Modular Solutions

  • TBM Equipment Service, Maintenance, Control Upgrades & Machine Refurbishment

  • Project Reporting & Monitoring Software

  • 24 Hour Emergency RESPONSE™

The Smith & Long Tunnelling Division is your best choice as a tunnelling construction project subcontractor partner for so many reasons: Safety. Availability. RESPONSE™. Expertise. Professionalism. Technology. Collaboration. Innovation. Team Player. Reputation. Experience.

The Smith & Long Tunnelling Division has an exciting and significant history in supporting tunnelling projects for a wide variety of clients and applications.

This support comes in the form of fulfilling the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic requirements and associated logistics through a wide variety of ways and means which are generally centered around the use of TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines), Roadheaders and associated tunnelling/mining equipment infrastructure.

And it all starts with SAFETY.

The critical importance of safety is certainly not exclusive to the tunnelling industry for it permeates everything we do on a daily basis at Smith & Long. However, we also respect that the many unique aspects and constraints borne by the very nature of tunnelling bring a set of potentially hazardous conditions for the site, the workers, and the public at large. This, in turn, demands a new level of respect, and as such the highest level of safety procedure adoption. Communication, buy-in, and collaboration must be thoughtfully designed and followed without exception. In other words: The tunnelling environment demands zero room for error, lack of respect, or shortcuts. The Smith & Long Tunnelling Division’s focus on safety is the filter by which all our tunnelling project work is drivenfor if it cannot be done safely…it does not mean the work cannot be performed, it just means another solution or Method of Procedure (MOP) must be designed and implemented.

Smith & Long is built upon RESPONSE™,
but SAFETY is second to none

and this is how we operate; the ever-expanding Smith & Long Tunnelling Division continues to bring more and more quality service offerings to the forefront that you can depend upon for your tunnelling project needs.

This is possible through the experienced team that we continue to mentor, grow and collaborate with at all levels including management, engineering, administration, supervision, field personnel, and subcontractors. Additionally, we have developed and continue to enhance our strong working relationships with manufacturing and equipment supply chain partners.

And, of course, this motivated and talented division is nothing without you…the tunnelling client! For it is by our experience of working side-by-side together in this unique and specialized industry that we challenge each other daily as to how to better improve production, achieve an optimized quality of performance, attain enhanced longevity of equipment, realize energy efficiencies, drive innovation, and all within a culture of safety and collaboration as a team. A great way to work…the right way to work…so let’s explore what great things we can build together!