Tunnel & Mining Services



Smith & Long’s Tunnelling Division maintains team members that have been involved in tunneling projects in countries on every continent in the world (except for Antarctica)!

Our diversity of experience across tunnelling requirements for civil infrastructure includes: Water, Sewer, Communications, Transportation (Subway, LRT, Roadway), Environmental and Mining, etc. Having professionally dealt with the challenges of site demands, design, codes, language, various equipment types and operational conditions to name but a few, are all reasons that the experienced Smith & Long Tunnelling Division team is an excellent choice to utilize us on your next tunnelling project.

The Smith & Long Tunnelling Division team is comprised of:

Professional Engineers – Many of our engineering personnel have had previous direct long-term employment with TBM OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This firsthand intimate and international knowledge of TBMs not only serves us and our clients well as it relates to the functionality of equipment but also for the engineering rationale behind the designs. This extensive knowledge also gives the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division valuable insights and expertise when it comes to equipment FATs (Factory Acceptance Testing), SATs (Site Acceptance Testing), equipment optimization, commissioning and re-commissioning services.

Management, Finance & Administration – Our staff have vast experience in this sector and as such fulfill the required supportive roles to support the various aspects of this fast-paced, detail-driven division.

Field Supervisors – A well-educated and team driven atmosphere on the project site is crucial and well facilitated by our seasoned Field Supervisory personnel who understand what it takes to direct a successful project.

TBM Operators – We can provide staff relief services to our clients for both short-term and long-term requirements for equipment operation through our experienced personnel who are very familiar with a wide variety of TBM types and sizes.

Daily Field Services Support Crews – The existing expertise and experience of our multiple field crews ensure the effective mining time is optimized through engaged electrical power, electrical control, communications and mechanical support services.

Emergency Support – From both a safety and “time-is-money” perspective, we have an excellent contingent of field staff that understand these two key components of this specialized industry.