Tunnel & Mining Services

Multi-Disciplinary Internationally Experienced Tunnelling Team

Datalogging & Monitoring, Annunciation & Dashboard Systems c/w real-time access to operational productivity, alarms (with smartphone messaging connectivity).

Unlike most construction projects whereby a wide range of different daily activities and on-site trades warrant what would be justified as “good production activity”, the tunnelling sector ultimately has one singular point of daily focussed activity: “Mining”. It is because of that crucial singular activity that one of the key contributors to the success of any project is due in large part to an appropriate and thoughtful design strategy. Every associated driver has to make the mining activity function within the highest degree of safety, reliability and the resultant optimized metres per hour mined.

With safety, constructability, budgets, critical timelines, site footprint limitations, etc., in the forefront of our engineering rationale, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division can provide the following engineering services as part of your tunnelling project; be it an all-inclusive Turnkey Project or specific project scope attributes:

  • Main Electrical Distribution Systems inclusive of High, Medium & Low Voltage Substation Designs
  • Ground Conditioning Studies
  • Coordination and compliance services with LDCs (Local Distribution Companies)
  • Coordination and compliance services with required local safety inspection authorities
  • MCCs (Motor Control Centres) including VFDs (Variable Frequency Controllers) Functionality Designs
  • Generators & ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Infrastructure Designs
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & HMI (Human Machine Interface) Program Development, Programming and Operational Enhancements
  • Engineered Replacements for Legacy Control Systems Infrastructure

Design, Procurement and Commissioning Services for:

  • Safety Systems & Control
  • Tunnel Water Pumping Systems & Control
  • Grout Plant Systems Integration & Control
  • Lighting Systems & Control
  • Ventilation Systems & Control
  • Conveyor Systems & Control
  • Communication Infrastructure (Inclusive of equipment and copper/fibre requirements)
  • Datalogging & Monitoring, Annunciation & Dashboard Systems
  • Hazardous Locations Equipment & Infrastructure

To sum up the services offered by Smith & Long’s Tunneling engineering team we would have to state it would be: Confident. Confidence in the fact that you are dealing with a forward-thinking group that “gets it”. We get that a poorly designed approach to tunneling support infrastructure will hit your financial bottom-line directly through poor effective dollars per minute expended…not to mention the potential of a compromised regard for safety.