Tunnel & Mining Services



“Definitely a very unique collection of in-house tunnelling services expertise all within a single contractor!”

We appreciate this client quote as we believe it speaks directly to what we have been widely known for in the tunnelling marketplace, but never more so as in the past few years as our Smith & Long Tunnelling Division continues to expand in the most positive way. The ability to have strong seasoned leadership on site who have worked through the logistics inherent in any tunneling project regardless of size or ultimate purpose is invaluable.

From the outset of any tunnelling project, we respectfully have one request: Engage the site services offered by the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division as early as possible. The reason? Optimized project execution.

Whether we have been involved in the engineering of the project design or not, the importance of engaging our site services team cannot be overstressed, for it is through open dialogue and project team strategy meetings that the whole project has the best prospect to successfully launch the TBM (or Roadheader) and start mining in the most expedient way.

Leading up to that significant milestone, are the numerous infrastructure requirements that must be put in place to support the mining process. We can certainly help here too as the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division is very well-versed in the mobilization to site and provision of the required labour, materials and equipment required to install, electrically connect, and commission everything from the Substation and Main Distribution Switchgear, right through to:

  • Temporary Power
  • Grounding Conditioning
  • TBM Electrical Feeders
  • Distributed Branch Power
  • Safety & Alarm Systems
  • Tunnel Water Pumping Systems
  • Grout Plant Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Datalogging & Monitoring / Annunciation & Dashboard Systems

Once the TBM is launched and operational, our Smith & Long Tunnelling Division field services team can continue to support the mining operations through virtually any complement of staff crew and shift needs; be it based on daily, 24/5 or 24/7 mandates.

This support would be in concert with the ongoing needs related to the project equipment infrastructure including the expansion of all applicable systems as the tunnelling continues to proceed, as well as the maintenance and troubleshooting services as required.

Through our collective team experience, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division can recognize and execute appropriate site solutions when unexpected conditions are found through timely effective collaboration and subsequently adapting the TBMs, systems, and equipment to overcome virtually any challenging situation.

While our prime focus and majority of services are performed currently within the province of Ontario, Canada, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division Services Team are ready, willing and able to support you and your project needs within North America…or practically anywhere in the world!