Tunnel & Mining Services



The term “One Stop Shop” brings welcome relief to the typical buyer of goods and services if they have already come to know and appreciate the quality in a product or service offering from one source…only to find they can deal with the same people for an expanded group of services.

All excellent reasons for dealing with the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division for TBM and associated equipment offerings such as:

What better tunnelling service group to deal with than the very same company that intimately knows and understands the operational characteristics of a wide range of TBM and associated mining auxiliary equipment. Troubleshooting and problem solving is second nature to the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division through our team of experienced technical field personnel.

Downtime is extremely costly on so many levels and we fully respect and recognize the criticality that “every minute counts” and as such once the issue has been identified, a “work around” or temporary repair is sought if a complete and final resolution is not immediately available or practical. In this way, the mining operations can once again proceed while in the background the permanent solution of materials, equipment, prefabrication, and or programming, etc., can be sourced and prepared offsite until an appropriate pre-scheduled timeframe can be arranged and the final repair is implemented and tested.

Proactive Maintenance
When you virtually “live” in the tunnelling space every day, you observe firsthand the merits of a sound maintenance program. And the absolute downside when there is not. Holding back funds for timely and appropriate maintenance on any TBM system infrastructure is a totally misleadingly and false economy on any company’s balance sheet. Do not get us wrong for we are all about cost savings.…which in turn plays perfectly into the rationale as to exactly why a Smith & Long Tunnelling Division Proactive Maintenance Program is the best value proposition for your bottom line. Early detection and mitigation of potentially catastrophic future failures is only the beginning.

System Controls Upgrades & Legacy Replacements
With so much invested in and dependent on your TBM equipment from a capital, resource, reliability and operational efficiency perspective…the “Return On Investment” on an engineered replacement of your unreliable, outdated and or legacy control systems as performed by the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division can often be nothing short of remarkable.  

Contact us to set up an open dialogue with you and your team as to your concerns and operational issues with your current control system infrastructure. With that information as a foundation, engage our expertise by allowing us to subsequently provide you with a new turnkey upgraded controls system proposal for your consideration.

Our primary mandate is that it will effectively address your current controls difficulties.

Our secondary goal will be to provide your team with a selection of further enhancements for your consideration, perhaps some of which you may have never considered or thought possible.

Consider the benefits of utilizing the innovative and proven controls system integration and upgrade services of the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division. Whether you need a partial or a complete controls system replacement, through our systematic design, review, procurement, fabrication, programming, integration, testing, installation and re-commissioning process, just some of your realized gains can be:

  • Enhanced safety features and industry best practices compliance
  • Significantly higher degree of operational accuracy achieved via enhanced processing speeds, communication and an improved operator interface with built-in diagnostics, enhanced alarm detection and annunciation
  • Rationalization of added controls systems that have evolved over the life of the machine and resultant potentially reduced controls footprint
  • Remote support capabilities
  • Incorporation of readily available internationally recognized components
  • Complete detailed as-built documentation package and operations manual to aid in future servicing and maintenance of the complete system
  • Complete FATs (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SATs (Site Acceptance Testing) inclusive of client witness testing if desired
  • Future proofing and increased equipment valuation/marketability

Machine Refurbishment
In addition to the noted ability to provide “System Controls Upgrades & Legacy Replacements”, the Smith & Long Tunnelling Division can also perform complete machine refurbishments and retrofit upgrades on-site or as part of an in-shop rebuild program. These refurbishments can encompass all aspects of the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic system functionality to restore your equipment to its optimum operating efficiency.

The reasons for the refurbishment can vary from addressing overall basic wear and tear issues, to repeatedly problematic components in need of replacement, to sourcing and replacement of legacy components, right up to complete refurbishments that may include the engineering and implementation of mandated additional operational functionality.

Project Reporting & Monitoring Software

Datalogging & Monitoring, Annunciation & Dashboard Systems c/w real-time access to operational productivity, alarms (with smartphone messaging connectivity)